Interior architecture leads architecture to its end, in the rational and poetic detail, playing with the spaces, the light, the color, the furniture, the equipment, the objects and the individuality of the occupant, to create spaces that are not only operational and comfortable, but also reflect the personality of the sponsor.



Any interior design study responds with an PDS (Preliminary Draft Summary) resulting from a defined program between the client, the main contractor and contained in a target cost. To provide a response to the expectations of his client, the architect proposes a feasibility study validated by a feasibility study agreement for a remuneration of between 1 and 3 % of the target cost set by mutual agreement.

This study includes:

  • Program definition.
  • Definition of target cost given by the owner.
  • Establishing a notebook of intentions and sketches.
  • Estimate of the project done on a sketch presented.
  • The feasibility study is non-exhaustive and the architect is likely to present a 2nd PDS if necessary.


The interior designer, within the framework of a project management contract of design and realization, realizes the DFD (Definitive Final Draft) allowing to adjust the project in its technical design and its cost.

At this stage of the project’s progress, he is in charge of the registration of administrative documents in order to obtain authorizations: building permit, demolition permit or prior request for works.


The interior designer draws up the plans, descriptions and all documents prior to the constitution of the bidding documents.

He consults two companies per body of trade for the purpose of summarizing the quotes for the choice of the successful company.


Works contracts are made between the owner and the companies retained under the supervision of the interior designer who will ensure the successful completion of the work he has prescribed as part of the design.

The project manager ensures compliance with the schedule that he has annexed to the markets as and when the site appointments he directs. He ensures the progress and controls the claims of companies in respect to their interventions and the quality of the works executed.


The receipt of the works attests the delivery to the client of the works prescribed subject to any reservations of the finishes to be specified and which will be the subject of a report of the lifting of the reserves. The interior designer then accompanies the owner for warranty claims or after-sales service.

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